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The small team at Vape.net are a bunch of friendly, down-to-earth guys and gals who love vaping. Some of the team use vaporizers for recreational or medicinal use, and others use e-Cigs and vape pens for tobacco products.

It’s time for the 420 Age to move over, the 710 Era is now upon us

Vaporizing is a relatively new way of enjoying marijuana products, such as dry herb, cannabis concentrates like waxes, oils, and shatter, and ganja-infused e-Juices. To help those interested in switching from smoking to vaping, and to advise other 710 users about which products are the best currently on the market to enjoy cannabis with, the team at Vape.net will make sure that you’re always well informed.

With over 35 years of weed and tobacco smoking experience, and, at least, five of those dedicated to vaporizing, the fellows sure know what they’re talking about. Their expertise is the reason why Vape.net is the only website you’ll ever need when it comes to learning absolutely everything about e-Cigs, vape pens, portable marijuana and desktop vaporizers.

Vape.net – Where honesty, in-depth analysis, and a good read are important

The passionate editorial team endeavors to provides its readers, whether they’re new to vaping or already have several years under their belts, with:

  • Comprehensive vaporizing articles
  • In-depth how-to guides
  • Interviews with people working in the vaporizer industry
  • Industry news
  • Honest consumer advice through thorough product, online shop, and local store/dispensary reviews.

The reviews will feature the usual bits and pieces of information like prices and dimensions, but they’ll also provide the answers relevant to your questions as a 710 connaisseur, like “will this vaporizer get the most out of my cannabis”, “is it discreet enough to use in public”, or “what type of high will I get”?

Helping to educate and inform people about vaporizing

Unfortunately, vaping hasn’t been taken kindly to by a lot of people, and as such, there’s a bit of controversy about it all, especially e-cigs and vape pens. That’s why the team at Vape.net are also on a mission to help change people’s views on vaping and the 420 / 710 culture in general. They’re all set to write engaging and informative articles, backed up with scientific evidence, to debunk the myths and erase the stereotyping associated with vaping. They aim to explain why vaping really is a great way to help quit smoking, and why vaporizing cannabis is undoubtedly the best way to medicate or get high.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. They’ll get you the answers you need!

The team at Vape.net are always on hand if you have any queries about vaping, no matter how many you have or how dumb you may think they are. Send your burning questions in a message to the team by clicking here, or alternatively, send our editor, Megan, an email, and someone will send you answers back as soon as they can.

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