A Guide Designed To Help You Find The Best Batteries For Your Vaporizer

Plus Our Top Choices For The Best 18650 Batteries of 2016


For our initial “Best Of” Guides, we thought we’d cover vaporizer batteries – and not just because they were the first topic to come up when we arranged our “Best Of” subjects in alphabetical order. Batteries are by far the most important element found inside a vaporizer, without them, we’d have no portable vaping, which, frankly, would be a nightmare. A nightmare which, if the FDA gets their way, will become a reality…

Anyway! This vaporizer battery guide will tell you all you need to know about 18650 batteries and, as you read on, you’ll discover which we think are the best (and safest) to use to make sure that you get the most out of your vaping sessions. Every battery you use for vaping comes with different ratings attached to it and depending on your build or atomizer, which batteries you use can make all the difference between getting a phenomenal vape and one that’s unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. When a battery explodes, it’s like setting off a pipe bomb* in your hand.

*Speaking of pipe bombs, because we don’t like them and want to help keep our fellow vapers and any soon to be vapers safe from potential explosions**, consider this guide part Public Service Announcement too. One about Battery Safety.

**For those who’ve lived under a rock these past few months and aren’t exactly sure what’s going on, let us raise your awareness. Fans of vaping have recently been reminded, quite dramatically, that – and to paraphrase Omar Bradley, a General in the US Army – technology may still prove to be mankind’s executioner. Right across America there have been news stories reporting that the batteries from portable vaporizers and box mods have self-combusted in people’s faces or exploded inside their trouser pockets… If there wasn’t enough controversy surrounding vaping already… Sigh.

best vaporizer batteries

Vaporizer Batteries – What They Are In A Nutshell

  • They’re called 18650 batteries (the number refers to the battery’s measurements)
  • They’re bigger and more power than ordinary batteries. Most vaporizer cells run at 3.7 Volts
  • They may all look uniform but not all 18650 batteries are created equal. There are substantial differences in quality from battery to battery

How To Tell If The 18560 Batteries You’re Using Are Any Good

And How Swapping Batteries Can Help You Fine-Tune Your Vaping Experience

Believe it or not, but batteries – like a whole host of other vaporizer elements – do actually affect your overall vaping experience.

“How exactly? How can they, something found at the bottom of a vaporizer, affect the type of vapor which I breathe in?”

Well, when it comes to piecing together the perfect conditions which guarantee a great vaping experience, a little knowledge about the world of electricity and electronics goes a long way. So let’s take a closer look at how various batteries can actually make a difference.

best vaporizer batteries

A Battery’s Capacity Determines How Long It Can Last Before It Needs Recharging

Capacity refers to the length of time it takes for a battery to drain itself of its energy. So, the higher the capacity, the longer you can vape before having to recharge your vaporizer. The capacity of a battery is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh) and the highest capacity 18650 batteries on the market today reach 3600 mAh. At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest capacity batteries are the ones found in slender e-Cigs. They have batteries which discharge quite quickly, between 650 to 1100 mAh. Comparing the capacity rating for two different types of battery will give you a general idea of which will last longer. For example, a 3000 mAh battery should last longer than a 2500 mAh one, which in turn should last longer than a 1500 mAh battery.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Capacity is a big deal because it means more time to vape, so why aren’t all vaporizer batteries designed to have the highest capacity they possibly can? Well, this is where the electrical current of a battery comes into play, and it’s why we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

best vaporizer batteries

Current Means You Can’t Have Power And Endurance

Current refers to how much continual power can be produced by an 18650 battery at any one time. This information is usually displayed in amps and most vaporizer batteries run between 20 and 30 amps, steadily, before the battery needs recharging. The higher the Amps, the more energy there is to power a vaporizer. This is great if you own a complex, energy-hungry, temperature controlled box mod, or you like vaping regularly and you want each hit to be as powerful as the last.

As you can imagine, though, using a high current 18650 battery repeatedly over such a short space of time can generate some incredibly high temperatures inside your vaporizer. Great for getting the most out of your ingredients, not so great for the battery’s life expectancy. High temperatures + combustible elements? No thanks. That’s why manufacturers have made it so that you can’t have a high capacity battery which is capable of utilizing such a high current for an extended period of time. Therefore, to avoid explosions, you must compromise between having either a powerful battery which discharges quickly and needs recharging often (but gets the most out of your ingredients) or one which lasts a long time but doesn’t have quite the same kick to it.

Check out the table below to see which batteries might be best for the type of vape you’re looking for.


The Longest Lasting Vaporizer Batteries

Panasonic NCR18650GA

3300 mAh


Samsung 30Q

3000 mAh


The Best Vaporizer Batteries For Higher Temperatures


1500 mAh


Aspire 1800mAh

1800 mAh


Sanyo UR18650NSX

2500 mAh


Quality Of The Product Also Impacts Your Vaping Experience

High-quality batteries, made by genuine, trusted manufacturers also play a big part in guaranteeing that you get a great, safe vape. The most trusted companies that produce 18650 batteries are:

  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Sanyo
  • LG

However, you can also buy something called a rewrapped battery – but on your head be it!

Rewrapped vaporizer batteries are usually lower grade cells which were originally rejected by the big brands because they never met their quality control ratings during testing. These are the likley culprits of many a vaporizer explosion.

Companies can buy lower grade cells from large manufacturers and can rewrap them with their own custom-branded PVC tubing. True, some companies do add value to these batteries by providing quality control, adding protective circuitry when needed and selling them at an affordable price. But on the whole, most companies exaggerate or completely fabricate their battery specifications to swindle people out of money and they put vapers at risk from poor-quality, easily damaged cells. Some companies who rewrap batteries include Efest, Vamped, Keeppower, Nitecore and Orbtronic. So be wary. Always check customer reviews and vape forums to find out whether what you’re buying is legitimate or not.

So, in the end, what makes a great 18650 vaporizer battery really comes down to what you want most out of your vaporizer. To find out which batteries we think are the bee’s knees so far this year, carry on reading!’s Top Picks of Vaporizer Batteries – 2016

best vaporizer batteries

#1 – The Samsung 25R

You can trust Samsung for their knowledge of all things electronic. This battery is rated at 2500 mAh and its output is 20A.  It’s a battery that gives a vaper the best of both power (current) and stamina (capacity). And what’s impressive about this green battery is its cycle life. A cycle is one full charge and discharge of a battery and you can do this 250 times before the 25R’s battery power dips below 60 percent (that’s about 1500mAh).

best vaporizer batteries

#2 – The Sony VTC5

Sony is another brand which has instilled trust amongst its consumers after years of setting and exceeding high-quality industry standards. The VTC5 is a 2600-mAh battery with an output of 30A. It features a discharge cut-off of 2.5V but regularly manages 4.2V. This Sony cell is made from a safer type of Lithium mixture.

best vaporizer batteries

And finally… #3 – The LG HE2

The LG HE2 has a capacity of 2500 mAh with a constant current of 20A. It’s made from the much safer Lithium Manganese. This is a shorter battery than most 18650 cells, but that makes sense with vaporizers become smaller and more portable. Size does matter.

What also matters is safety. After all, no one wants to be holding a potential pipe bomb in their hands, do they?

Vaporizer Battery Safety Precautions

1. Make sure you charge your batteries correctly

  • Always charge your batteries with the type of charger that was designed specifically for them.
  • Never use a cell phone or car charger to charge your vaporizer. The chargers may look exactly the same, but the ones for cell phones allow much more current to pass through the batteries. As most vaporizer batteries can hold 3.7V of electricity, accidentally plugging your vape pen into a cell phone charger will shorten their life-cycle dramatically.
  • Never leave your vaporizer on charge after the batteries are full. This can cause them to overheat and on occasion, burst.
  • With mods, you need to ensure that you’re charging your vaporizer at the right amp level. The most common charge level for properly regulated internal battery units is somewhere between .5 amps and 2 amps. The device’s manual should provide the exact specifications.

2. Make sure that any battery wrap is in good condition. If it has holes in it or any other damage, replace it.

3. With multiple batteries, it’s always best to replace them all at the same time. So, if you have a mod powered by two batteries always charge and replace them in pairs.

4. Watch your coil resistance limits. Experts recommend that you never go below .2 ohms since anything below that level can increase the risk of accidents.

5. Never totally deplete your battery’s charge.

6. Never let the batteries rub against each other or anything metal. This can short circuit the systems and has the potential to make them explode.

So there you have it, our top choices of 18650 batteries and a handy guide to help you navigate the murky waters of vaporizer batteries. If you have any questions or would like to share some of your findings or battery reviews, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll respond as soon as we can.