It won’t be long now before retailers and Aspire finally release the new sub-$30 starter kit called the “Breeze.” With a fresh new look that makes this device look less like a vaporizer and more like a cool piece of technology, Aspire has created a very economically priced unit with some great features that any vaper — new to vaping or intermediate vapers looking for something new — will appreciate.


The Breeze

The Breeze is Aspire’s newest All-in-One vape device that features an ergonomic and compact design, great handling feel, a built-in tank, and auto-firing. No matter how you hold this device, it is small, feels good in the hand, and will not feel hot.

The dimensions of this device are: 93mm x 33mm x 18mm — as you can see, it’s quite small and compact.



What makes this mod even more portable is the protective drip tip cap that you can place on top of the ergonomic drip tip. You can take this Aspire Breeze anywhere and not worry about getting the mouthpiece dirty or leaking.



The refillable tank is built-in and can hold 2mL of e-juice (it is also compliant with TPD regulations). While 2mL is not the largest tank out there, this is perfect for those seeking a very discreet, compact, portable, but still powerful and easy-to-use vape device.

The Breeze tank is made from an aluminum alloy and uses a 0.6 subohm atomizer.



The new Breeze unit uses the U-tech coil by Aspire, which will give users a flavorful vaping experience. This is a 0.6ohm atomizer and despite the tank being built-in, the coils are easily replaced (the starter kit comes with 2 x 0.6ohm coils for you to start with).

Note that Breeze U-tech coils are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE with Nautilus X U-tech coils.



The Breeze also offers users the option of firing manually or automatically. With its auto-fire feature, you can vape quicker and easier — you don’t need to press the fire button — simply inhale from the drip tip and your device will begin firing for you.


If you like manual, the fire button is ergonomic, located in a great spot, and will help you navigate the Breeze quite easily.



The battery in this compact device is built-in and has a 650mAh capacity. This is pretty reasonable for such a small device. The micro USB charging port is located at the bottom of the device, just like in most pens and mods.


Technical Specifications

  • Aluminum Alloy Construction (including tank)
  • Tank (Built-In)
  • Tank Capacity 2mL
  • Breeze Atomizer: 0.6 ohm
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh (Built-In)
  • Dimensions of Device: 93mm x 33mm x 18mm
  • Colors: Red, Gray, Blue, Black


Filling the Tank

The integrated 2mL tank is easy to use and makes this a great portable device. Filling is done via the top — to do this, simply pull off the drip tip (mouthpiece) section, unscrew and remove the cartridge, and add your e-juice into the tank.

There is a maximum fill line located on the side of the device (along the transparent view into the tank) so you can see how much juice you have without opening the device — be sure to keep an eye on this maximum fill line (it is red) — or you risk overflowing


Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Breeze Vaping Device
  • 2 x 0.6 ohm Coils
  • 6 x Extra O-Rings
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Manual


Charging Dock Optional

There is an optional Aspire Breeze Charging Dock you can purchase. This may be well worth it, because the microUSB charging port is located on the bottom of the device (which means you can’t stand the device up when it is charging). The charging dock will help keep your device upright while charging.


Color Options

There are four color options to choose from — all of which are attractive or bold, depending on your preferences.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Red


Price / Availability

The Breeze is already available for pre-order via retail sites, as well as the main Aspire website.

The retail price has been set at around $28.00 for this device, but you can get it for around $25 bucks — maybe lower if you sign up at a website to receive a discount. This is an extremely reasonable price for this Aspire and for what you get from this Starter Kit, it is certainly a level up from the quality you typically receive in an economy-priced vape mod.



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