The CRAFTY Vaporizer Review
Compact and understatedEasy to use and doesn’t allow for a lot of wastageEasy to cleanDiscreet vibration alarms to let you know you’re good to vapeInstant draw that is pure and tasty
Limited battery life (up to five uses before you have to recharge it)Lots of seals and screens that will need to be replaced over timeNeeds to be cleaned after every fifth use or so (can get quite sticky)
9.3Excellent value for money
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A Little About Storz And Bickel – Creators Of The CRAFTY

Storz and Bickel are leaders in their field. They certainly know what they’re doing and they like to do it well. They are to vaporizers as Apple are to smartphones and it says a lot about a company when they’re currently the only manufacturer of vaporizers in the world that has a certified quality management system in place that’s recognized globally.

As vapers, we appreciate a quick, easy and stress-free way to get our buzz/medication, coupled with receiving the largest, purest and smoothest draw as possible, with as little wastage as possible. All of Storz and Bickel’s products succeed at giving us these requisites and what’s more, their products are always of the highest quality; you’ll never find anything flimsy or average with this brand.

Storz and Bickel are most famously known for their genesis project, the monstrous Volcano Vaporizer, a large, desktop vape machine that has continually been held in the highest regards with reviewers since it was first on sale at the beginning of the millennium.

Now, they’ve brought us the David to their Goliath; the CRAFTY. It’s their smallest vaporizer yet, weighing in at just 135grams (0.3 lbs) and roughly standing in at the same size as the average smartphone. So how does the CRAFTY compare to what is unquestionably Storz and Bickel’s best product and what is essentially the yardstick for any great vape?


Taking A Closer Look At The CRAFTY

This small, portable device lives up to its name: you can carry it around with you and bring it out at your leisure for a crafty vape.

Preparation time from 0 – HIGH is less than 5 minutes. This includes effortlessly loading up to 0.5g of herb into the oven and waiting just 3-minutes for the machine to reach the desired temperature.

A bonus of the CRAFTY is that it has a vibration alarm system which means you don’t have to continually check any displays or gauges to know when you’re ready for liftoff, you just turn it on and wait for the vibration to signal that you’re good to go.

Another funky feature is that the CRAFTY can be linked to an App on your smartphone, which lets you control the temperature settings of your vaporizer from your phone, according to your personal preferences.

So, now, let’s answer some questions.

crafty review

Can a beginner use it?

Yes, it’s very simple and easy to use and is a safe, healthy way to enjoy herb.

How easy is it to load?

No muss, no fuss. Even though it looks like it has a lot of steps, once you get the process down, you can load it in less than 2 minutes. The loading tool allows you to fill the CRAFTY without spilling any precious herb into its lower chamber or all over yourself. There is a fine mesh screen inside so you can load it up with well ground herb without any issues, because as we all know, the finer you grind, the better your vapor and you’ll get the most out of your bud.

How easy is it to clean?

It is very easy to clean, however, you’ll have to don your rubber gloves and apron quite a bit because typically, after about five sessions the AVB gets very sticky. We’d recommend that you don’t use the brushes that are provided either; a q-tip and warm, soapy water work better.

What kind of a vape does it provide?

The CRAFTY’s cooling chamber definitely makes it easier to take a larger hit than you would on another, similar sized device. You’ll find that there’s barely any resistance and the vapor starts immediately. Whilst the draw is very much like one that you’d get from the Volcano, smooth; cool and clean, you might be disappointed with the vapor production, particularly if you are used to using another portable device such as the Solo or Indica. However, you will find, whether you’re a newbie or a vet, and particularly if you’re so used to smoking joints, that the CRAFTY will provide you with the tastes of herb that you’ve been missing out on all these years.

What’s the battery life like?

Honestly? Quite poor really, you’ll probably get a maximum of 5 uses out of it before having to clean it and recharge it again. But that’s not an issue for a portable device really, if you want long-lasting, that’s what a desktop vaporizer is for.

What’s the App like?

Very easy to use.

Should I buy it?

At a price tag of nearly $300, it obviously depends entirely on whether you have the money to spare! Seriously, though, consider buying the CRAFTY as an investment. It’s perfect for when you’re out and about and have the urge to liven up your day or a requirement to use it for medicinal purposes. It’s strong, sturdy, discreet, easy to use, easy to maintain and most importantly it gives you a clean, cool, tasty draw. The simple things in life work and they always work very well. The CRAFTY will, undeniably, work very well for you too, for a very long time no doubt. So confident in their products that they will work and will genuinely satisfy their customers that Storz and Bickel have.

The simple things in life work and they always work very well. The CRAFTY will, undeniably, work very well for you too, for a very long time no doubt. So confident in their products that they will work and will genuinely satisfy their customers that Storz and Bickel have a three-year warranty on all of their devices, so if you were unlucky and found that you did have any troubles with the machine, they’ll happily repair or replace it for you.

In the end, what you get for your money is a piece of machinery that should now be heralded as the new benchmark for the portable vape industry.