G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review
Incredibly fast heat up timesAmazing temperature spectrumExcellent battery life
Burn-offs may be requiredMouthpiece can sometimes get hotVapes can sometimes become warm
8.9One of the best dry herb vaporizers
Vapor Production7.5
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A Little About Grenco Science – Creators Of The G Pen Elite

Grenco Science was founded near the start of the 710 era, on December 21, 2011, by Anthony Barron, an ex-Marine. His previous experience of being the Chief Executive Officer of Ciglarette, Inc. (one of the first importers, marketers, and distributors of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers in the United States) helped him see to it that his company, Grenco Science, was one of the first major vaporizer brands to go to market in 2012. Barron’s company promised to set the precedent in every aspect of portable marijuana vape pens.

And did they keep that promise? Has Grenco Science paved the way for the future of vaping?

On the whole, yes.

Grenco Science is famed for being officially endorsed by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khlifah and the company is more than just a Headshop, it’s a lifestyle brand. One that constantly tries to engineer the most advanced, user-friendly vape pens worldwide. Heck, give credit where credit’s due, the creators of the G Pen were the first to market a tank system specifically designed for cannabis concentrates and dry herb. And that achievement can’t be snubbed.

However, it seems that there’s yet to be the perfect vaporizer company out there and where Grenco Science falls down is its ability to deal with customers in a timely, friendly and effective way.

Even though the company has established a Charity Series to help give back to the community, their customer service is left to be desired. It’s frustratingly hard to get in touch with representatives and many Reddit and Facebook users have been left disgruntled, warning other vape enthusiasts to stay well clear, not just in regards to the apparent lack of customer service, but also from shoddy products.

But are they right in complaining?

Well… Yes and no.

Poor customer service sucks, plain and simple, so yes, get your voice heard on that front.

However, most of the complaints have been about products which are valued at less than $50, and, as you’re probably aware, in life, what you pay for, is what you get. A $35 vape pen is not going to have the same functionality and performance as a $50, let alone a $100+ one. So, to play Devil’s advocate, people really need to thoroughly research products before they invest in them so as not to be disappointed. Also, due to the brand’s growing popularity, it’s important that people buy directly from Grenco Science as counterfeit G Pens are rife on third party sites, even Amazon.com.

Like most other Headshops, Grenco Science does not have a returns policy due to sanitary reasons and, to put it bluntly, because they don’t want products being sent back with traces of what many deem as being illegal substances in them. Therefore, like most vaporizer purchases around the globe, all merchandise sales from the makers of the G Pen, are final. (And their 1-year warranty, like other headshop warranties, are limited to their batteries and chargers).

Okay, yes, Grenco Science has been around longer than most other vaporizer brands, but you’ve got to give them some kudos. The couple of years headstart they’ve had count for nothing when vaping technology evolves as quickly as it does and, on the whole, we think they’ve done (and ar still doing) pretty well. Sure, we don’t particularly like some of their inexpensive products (they’ve been influenced far too much by the Chinese market which the company’s founder was a part of), but on the whole, with backers like Snoop Dogg, they’ve got to be doing something right.

So now, let’s take a look at their G Pen Elite and before we begin, we have to say, we were genuinely impressed with it.

G Pen Elite

Taking A Closer Look At The G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is a striking looking portable marijuana vaporizer which has been specifically designed to work with dry herb.

Classy looking, futuristic and polished, this vape pen is comfortable to hold (so anyone suffering from rheumatism won’t have a problem vaping on the go and makes it a great vaporizer to use every hour of every day) and has the specs and science which punches well above its price range. It’s also incredibly easy to use and clean.

With its hybrid heating system, you can reach temperatures of 200°F within 10 seconds and over 400°F in about 25 seconds and what’s great is, the unit cools down quite quickly too which helps conserve your cannabis. (We do recommend however to take additional draws from the Elite after you’ve turned it off to help the vape pen cool down further before you put it back in your pocket/purse).

You’ll certainly get the most out of your marijuana by using the Elite at a range of different temperatures.

So now, let’s answer some questions.

G Pen Elite

Can a beginner use it?

Yes, it’s very straightforward to use.

Like most vape pens, pressing five times on the on/off button turns the vaporizer on. Once on, you can change and set the temperature by using the rocker on the side, and to turn off the Elite, all you have to do is press the main button five times again.

It’s important to note that the G Pen Elite doesn’t automatically begin heating on power up so you have to hold down the power button for at least a second to start the heater. But you can change the temperature on the fly and it does have an automatic shutdown timer which will turn the unit off after 40 seconds.

How easy is it to load?

Incredibly easy.

The large chamber holds up to .5 grams of herb (just make sure that it’s ground nicely beforehand) and the G Pen Elite even works well with just .1 gram.

Simply pop off the mouthpiece, pour your ganja into the ceramic chamber (but not too full and don’t pack the herb in too tightly, remember, air needs to be able to circulate around the cannabis), replace the cap and hey presto, you’re ready to turn the unit on and start vaping.

How easy is it to clean?

Again, so simple!

Using the brush supplied in the kit all you have to do is spruce up the underside of the mouthpiece and inside the chamber. Ta da! Clean vape pen. If it needs a bit more of an intensive clean, just dip a q-tip into isopropyl alcohol and wipe.


If you leave the remains of the cannabis in the chamber after a vape session, the G Pen Elite will start to smell, so upkeep is really important if you’re trying to be stealthy about which ‘aromatherapy’ ingredients you’re vaping.


You might find that when you first starting using the unit, you’ll need to give it a couple rounds of burn-offs to fully clean/neutralize the taste from a smell which, as we alluded to earlier, seems to come from Grenco’s Chinese manufacturing background. Yes, it’s a shame that the Elite isn’t, as its name suggests, the cream of the crop when it comes to providing a clean vape straight from the factory, but it’s not the end of the world.

To conduct a burn-off heat the Elite whilst it’s empty and puff on it like a cigar (but don’t inhale). Do this a couple of times and the heat should eliminate the Chinese manufacturer smell.

What kind of a vape does it provide?

On the whole, the G Pen Elite provides a tasty vape and it seems to work quite well no matter how you pack it.

If you’re a heavy user and pretty much fill the ceramic chamber to the max and don’t pack the herb down too hard, then you can expect to vape, vape, vape for about 2 – 3 hours, but that’s if you turn the Elite off mid-session.

If you aren’t a heavy user this vaporizer could probably last you all day.

The clouds aren’t particularly massive, but if you do pack down the ground marijuana more than normal, you’ll get a denser vapor.

The vapor quality naturally diminishes as the cannabis begins to cool down or when it sits a while in the chamber and the vape isn’t as top-notch, as you’d get from say, the Firefly 2, but it’s a nice, “above average” vape nonetheless.

What’s the battery life like?

The G Pen Elite’s battery life is incredibly impressive. It takes about three hours for the unit to become fully charged from a completely drained battery and on average, we found that you could fully pack the chamber 10 – 12 times before the device needs recharging.

Any cons?


Because the device is so quick to heat up, it can, on the odd occasion, turn your vapes into warm ones which obviously isn’t brilliant for people with asthma and can be generally uncomfortable. So too, the mouthpiece can get warm on the rare occurrence.

Should I buy it?

At less than $170 the G Pen Elite is a very good vaporizer if you enjoy vaping dry herb, and, let’s face it, dry herb vape pens which work reliably are incredibly hard to come by, so this device isn’t to be scoffed at.

That’s why we’ll admit that we were pleasantly surprised with the Elite. The device has a full temperature spectrum (ideal for getting the most psychoactive and pharmacologically active effects from your marijuana), a crisp and clear LED display and overall, for the price and its performance, there really is no other dry herb vaporizer which comes close.