Coil Wick

If you’ve recognized these components, then congratulations! You must have recently purchased a clearomizer for vaping ganja juice, a cartomizer to enjoy cannabis concentrates or a rebuildable atomizer to enjoy both. Using any one of those portable marijuana vaporizers means you’re either going to experience the legendary potent highs only gained from vaping concentrated amounts of THC, or you’re going to get incredibly medicated, incredibly quickly, thanks to vaping such high levels of CBD. To help make sure that you keep getting the most out of your PMV we’re going to explain how to clean and replace your vape pen’s coil and wick. Now it may sound like a daunting task, but trust us, it’s not, after a few times, the process of re-coiling or re-wicking becomes a doddle. So read on to find out how to stop your vaporizer from clogging up, when to tell that your coil needs replacing, how to do just that and much, much more!

Coils and Wicks – What are they and why do they need regular maintenance?wick


Wicks are made from lengths of manufactured fiber, such as cotton, rayon cellulose, hemp, or silica and they’re used because they’re brilliant at absorbing marijuana e-Juice or cannabis concentrates. They work by drawing up your chosen ingredient towards the heating element of your vape pen, a.k.a. the coil, and it allows the cannabis product to be heated without having to come into direct contact with the coil, or worse still, the battery pack.

How to keep your wicks clean


Clearomizers and Cartomizers with a Top Coil

When it comes to clearomizers and cartomizers which use a top coil with long wicks, all you have to do is disassemble the removable parts of your vape pen, place them in a ceramic bowl filled with isopropyl alcohol or vodka, and ideally, leave the parts to soak for 24 hours. Once that’s been completed, rinse the wicks under warm running water for two minutes, or give them a dozen squirts of water from a pipette, and Ta-Da! Wicks that look brand new again.

Cartomizers with polyfill

As well as having a wick, cartos with polyfill also have several layers of gauze or cotton to clean and these materials sit inside the cartridge, or tank. The best way to clean cartomizers is to boil them, and here’s how:

Step #1 – Dismantle your carto and remove any of its plastic/rubber caps.  Some cartomizers also have a rubber ring covering the polyfill so if yours has one, you’ll want to remove that as well.

Step #2 – Open the windows (cos there’s going to be a bit of a smell) and grab a pan (one which you’re happy not to use for cooking purposes ever again).

Step #3 – Place your carto in the pan and fill with water, just enough to cover it.

Step #4 – Boil on a high temperature for at least 10 minutes.

Step #5 – After 10 minutes has passed, drain the water, let the parts cool and then rinse them under running water for two minutes.

Step #6 – Repeat Steps #3 – 5 until all horrible smells are gone.

Step #7 – After rinsing the carto for the last time, pat it dry with a paper towel and turn the oven on to its lowest setting. Once it’s at the right temperature, put your carto in the oven and leave it to dry out for an hour. Le Voila! A new cartomizer that’s hygenically clean.


The wicks/polyfill in atomizers are a doddle to clean. All you have to do is gently pull the wick or polyfill away from the coil and rinse it under warm running water until the cotton or silica becomes white again and there you have it! Brand new wick!

When to replace your ‘mizers wick


You’ll know it’s time to replace your wick when:

  • You start to notice your vapes have a strange taste to them
  • You realize the wick looks discolored from the heat
  • You notice your wick has been singed

Pro Tip: It’s also a good time to swap an old wick for a new one when you’re trying a new flavor of e-Juice or cannabis concentrate.

How to replace a wick

These are the items you’ll need to get your hands on in order to replace your portable marijuana vaporizer’s wick:

  • 100 percent cotton thread/ silica wick/ ekowool/ hemp wick or Japanese cotton/ cotton balls/ rayon cellulose (for rebuildable atomizers)
  • Pair of scissors
  • A needle

To learn how to replace the wick in your type of portable marijuana vaporizer, watch the video which best suits the type of vape pen you have to see vape experts in action. They’ll guide you, step by step on how to re-wick your vaporizer.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to buy 100 percent organic cotton, it’s important to boil it for 15 minutes first and leaving it to dry before using it to re-wick your vape pen.

Clearomizers and Cartomizers with a Top Coil




Coils are the heating elements of your clearomizer, cartomizer or atomizer. Some ‘mizers have a single coil whilst others have two. If you don’t keep the coils clean and in good working order, they won’t reach the optimum temperatures you need to get the most out of your marijuana.

Interesting Side Note: Singe coils consume about 50 percent less battery power than dual coil atomizers, and they’re easier to rebuild. Unfortunately, they take longer to heat up and they give off a lower vape density, so you don’t feel entirely satisfied from your vaping session. Dual coils, on the other hand, heat up quickly and produce amazing vape sessions that cloud chasers will love, but they too have their downside. They consume more battery power and are harder to rebuild.

Coils are made from heat-resistant alloys, like kanthal wire, and they look like tightly wound springs. They connect one positively charged terminal to a negatively charged one so that the device can heat up.


In clearomizers, the coil looks like a spark plug and through it, a wick can be woven. Clearomizer coils are the simplest of coils to work with as they’re just one interchangeable piece, all you do is unscrew the old coil, wick up a new one and bob it into your vape pen. Hey presto, you have a brand new clearomizer! Some designs feature top heating coils which have long wicks whilst others have bottom placed heating coils with short wicks.

Interesting Side Note: Top coil clearomizer systems make your marijuana e-juices last longer, but they take longer for the liquid to saturate the wicks and they provide less vapor compared to their bottom coil counterparts.


Many cartomizers work like clearomizers, with top coils that have long wicks dangling from them that soak up ganja juice or cannabis oil. In other designs, cartomizer coils can either be found encased in a poly-fill material inside a chamber, or they can be found in the center of a tank.

Coil Wick

In rebuildable atomizers, the coil actually looks like a coil. It’s a length of kanthal wire wound up into a spring which is used to hook up the positive connection of the atomizer to the negative terminal so that the electricity generated from the battery can pass through the coil and heat up your chosen ingredients. The coil either wraps around a wick or sits in cotton.

How to keep your coil clean

Any time you clean your wick, you’re also cleaning your coil, so the same techniques for cleaning a coil in a clearomizer and cartomizer are exactly the same as when you soak them in alcohol or you boil them. The only addition to the process is taking a q-tip or soft toothbrush and rubbing the coil clean if there’s any stubborn residue left. Atomizers are the only coils you clean differently.


At least twice a week you should be dismantling your atomizer to check whether the coil needs a good clean or not. A dirty, gunked up coil looks black, like it’s been left in the oven too long, and to make it sparkling clean again, all you have to do is head to the nearest faucet and:

Step #1 – Gently pull the wick away from the coil.

Step #2 – Turn your portable marijuana vaporizer on and keep it on until your coil glows bright red. Keep it glowing for about 10 seconds. This process is called giving your atomizer a dry burn and doing this incinerates the built up residue.

Step #3: At an angle, tilt your coil under running water for about five seconds.

Step #4: Repeat Steps #2 and #3 one more time and then, Hey Presto, you have yourself a sparkling clean atomizer coil!

When to replace your ‘mizers coil


The times a coil needs replacing really depends on what you vape, how often and how much you vape it, and, if you’re using e-Juice, how acidic the PG/VG base ingredients are. Some users report that they need to replace their coils after about 3 days, whereas others say they can last a month without needing to do any vape pen maintenance. The key to determining when your coil needs replacing is when:

  • You start to notice your vapes have a burnt taste to them
  • You notice a reduction in vapor production
  • You realize your vape pen is leaking e-Juice/you experience “splash back”
  • You hear your vape pen start to gurgle

How to replace a coil

These are the items you’ll need to get your hands on in order to replace your portable marijuana vaporizer’s coil:

  • Kanthal wire
  • A lighter
  • Pair of pliers

To learn how to replace the coil in your type of portable marijuana vaporizer, watch the video which best suits the type of vape pen you have to see vape experts in action. They’ll guide you, step by step on how to make a new coil for your vaporizer.


This video is perfect for learning how to replace shop bought coils for top coil and bottom coil clearomizers. It has no voice over so can be watched muted.

For a true DIY guide on making your own coil.


For the traditional, slim, polyfilled cartomizers.



So there you have it, our handy How-To on Cleaning and Replacing your PMV’s coil and wick. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us! We’ll get back with answers right away.