In a not-so-surprising reveal, a new study has shown that vaping does not appear to be a gateway to traditional cigarette smoking. The study involved 3,757 college freshmen being followed by researchers for one year in order to discover if the use of e-cigarettes led to cigarette smoking.

The study’s findings, entitled “Electronic cigarette use and uptake of cigarette smoking: A longitudinal examination of U.S. college students,” concluded that “[c]urrent e-cigarette users at baseline were no more likely to progress to current smoking than young adults who were not using e-cigarettes.” Dr. Michael Siegel of the department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University’s School of Public health, explained that the freshmen students they tracked who were vapers were not any more likely to become regular cigarette smokers than those who did not use e-cigs at all.

Dr. Siegel stated that many people misinterpret the data because they are not factoring the difference between regular smokers and those who have tried a cigarette one time. All of the respondents who stated that they tried one cigarette in the past 30 days are not regular smokers and therefore are not considered individuals who have begun smoking or turned from vaping to smoking. Many statistics are often tweaked by anti-vapers in this way in order to bias the results and get the public and government to believe that young people are smoking because of vaping. This is strictly untrue.


In fact, out of the sample of 3,757 respondents, only six of them transitioned from vaping to regular cigarette smoking over the year period of this study. In a show that backs up the fact that vaping can save lives and stop smokers from smoking, 20 students in the study actually stopped smoking and began using the safer alternative of e-cigarettes. Furthermore, 45 students who both smoked cigarettes and vaped turned exclusively to vaping by the end of the study.

The data proves that young e-cig users may experiment with smoking on the same levels as any other teen or young adult — but most of them stop at the first try — they rarely become regular smokers.


Data Proving Anti-Vapers Wrong

This is not the only study that has shown that biased groups skew data to make it look like e-cigs and vaping lead young people to smoking. There are dozens of examples of studies and empirical data proving the exactly opposite.

And despite the fear mongering among anti-vaping “activists,” who advertise that vaping is as bad as smoking, the data has consistently shown that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking — and yet, the government is taxing, regulating, and discrediting this safer way of consuming nicotine in favor of deadly cigarettes. Clearly, politics and money is a huge part of this misinformation campaign.

However, the more that these studies showing the truth about vaping are reported on, the more informed people will be.

Simply put: vaping is not a gateway to cigarette smoking. The government, state legislatures, the FDA, and other agencies who are trying to crack down and tax vaping from existence are using incorrect and skewed data to justify their political and monetary biases towards vaping and e-cigs.


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