We recently posted an article about the Canadian giant, Imperial Tobacco’s, potential entry into the vaping business. Imperial has been watching the vape scene and is seeing the profits that can be made by selling vaping and E-Cigarette products simultaneously.


Imperial Tobacco Looking to Expand into Vaping Products and E-Cigs

While they have yet to officially throw their hats into the foray, Imperial Tobacco has been watching the trend of vaping as a cigarette smoking-cessation device, and has decided it could be good for business to sell the disease and sell the cure, so to speak.


Philip Morris, the American tobacco giant who has been selling the famous Marlboro cigarettes since 1924, has said in a Bloomberg report that they want to move away from cigarettes and begin selling what is considered vaping products in order to help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes.


We say “considered” because as you will read, the company has a new phrase for the technology they plan to unveil.

Now, we all know that business is business. Philip Morris is only following the trends and knows how huge the vaping industry has become as high-tech smoking alternatives have hit the market in a way that traditional cigarettes could never compete with.

While the iconic Philip Morris tobacco giant has never been interested in losing customers before, due to cigarette smoking become less popular and vaping becoming increasingly popular, they have began singing a different tune. Cue the cash register.


Philip Morris’s New Smoking Alternative: iQOS

The tobacco company knows that keeping one foot in traditional cigarettes and one foot in the new and popular vaping scenes is a smart move, business-wise. Cigarette smokers find it difficult to stop smoking and by supplying both cigarettes to customers as well as smoking-cessation vaporizers, Philip Morris can stand to make some serious profits.


Post-Vape Device

The new smoking alternative device that Philip Morris is calling “post-vape,” has been touted by the company as being a new electronic way to receive nicotine that is safer than cigarettes and somewhat different than vaping.

The Philip Morris company’s interview with Bloomberg says it best. The iQOS (pronounced Eye-kose) is a white or blue colored plastic that acts like an E-Cig but rather than burning a liquid and creating a vapor, it will gently heat the tobacco, producing a warm nicotine-laced aerosol.


To open this iQOS, you flip open the plastic case to find a heater that looks somewhat like a “stubby pen.” Into one of the ends, you essentially insert what is a mini-size cigarette, called HEETS.


HEETS: A.K.A. Mini Cigarettes

So…mini cigarettes of a different name smell just as…sweet? Personally, this sounds like a human putting on a robot suit and calling itself an Android — there is still a cigarette with traditional tobacco inside.

So, why does Philip Morris think this is different?


Philip Morris has said themselves, that after HEETS comes TEEPS (another odd and mysterious acronym) that is a heat-not-burn product that is essentially an old-fashioned cigarette that relies on age-old tobacco “technology.” However, rather than lighting up the cigarette, the smoker can ignite a carbon tip that will heat the tobacco.


We definitely agree with Philip Morris on one thing — this is not vaping.

The company says that the nicotine intake and the taste of iQOS (which has HEETS inside of it) and TEEPS (their stand alone product) are closer to traditional cigarettes than E-Cigs, but is their attempt at fixing the number one complaint about early vaporizer products.


Heat-not-Burn Technology of the iQOS


In all, Philip Morris has invested an insane $3 billion into this post-vaping or post-cigarette technology.

Apparently, iQOS has seen success in Japan and parts of Europe, but whether you are a traditional smoker trying to quit smoking, or a vape aficionado looking for something new, it is unlikely either of these populations of nicotine-seekers will be satisfied by this odd (I cringe to say it) technology.

The tax man is peeping

The tax man is peeping


Personally, the iQOS seems to be a nifty little electric cigarette lighter / holder that is calling itself a “post-vape” product. It is not a vaporizer since it features cigarettes and traditional tobacco, but it is not an analog cigarette because you do not light it with fire but gently heat it to form an aerosol.


What I would call this Frankenstein’s monster of a hybrid, I do not know. For now, we’ll just call it the iQOS and hope it stays in Europe and the Asia. This does not seem to be an innovative or groundbreaking product for today’s North America or Western Europe.


With the incredible leaps that vaping has gone through in the past year alone, this is something akin to Philip Morris putting a man in orbit when we have already landed on the moon.

I’m going to go grab my sub ohm and think on this for about 30 seconds. Happy vaping!



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