VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Quadron Capital Corporation, a company out of Canada, has received a huge order for their Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Units and Cartridges — this $305,000 order is the largest that the company has seen for its vape pen units to date.

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The Shift to Vaping Cannabis

The sudden shift in the cannabis industry is rapidly moving from dry bud consumption to a variety of forms of ingestion and oil extracts. This means that new hardware and delivery methods for consumption are needed and are becoming more popular.

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Most of these devices are for medical cannabis use, but some are being used by cannabis vapers in states (in the U.S.) and provinces around the world where cannabis use has been approved for recreational use. Quadron has been filling the lucrative area of the cannabis market that has opened up, especially with more popularity towards vaping increasing, and the company has continued to apply their diverse expertise and knowledge in order to generate an impressive margin revenue.

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Now is the time for the company to scale rapidly in order to keep up with their latest order. Quadron Capital Corporation is known for their custom branded vape pens / cartridges and now their custom branded accessories are highly synergistic to the automated extraction and processing solutions business.

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What Quadron has to Say

Rosy Mondin is the CEO and President of Quadron and has stated that, “we anticipate these two verticals [of automated extraction and processing solutions] rapidly growing in tandem. Cannabis oil consumption is estimated to grow over one hundred times faster than dried marijuana consumption and many cannabis growers do not have the equipment or expertise to deliver a highly consistent, branded, end product to their customers leaving a critical void in the market which Quadron aims to capture.”

Mondin is absolutely correct — when it comes to vaping cannabis, it is best to purchase your cannabis oil and cartridges from highly reputable companies that have proven themselves and their products as excellent, potent, and safe. The issue with DIY cannabis oil is while a lot of cannabis growers believe they know everything about it, when it comes to making vaping oil and pre-filled cartridges, it is hard to trust the quality and safety of this process from just anyone.

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Cannabis Oil is Growing Insanely Fast

In Canada, the growth of cannabis oil consumption is expected to grow from 284L in 2015 to 562,613L by 2020 — that’s an incredible 198,000 percent growth — almost mind-boggling. This is a huge and start difference when compared to tried marijuana consumption — 6,388 Kg in 2015 to 110,034 Kg in 2020 (only a 1,600 percent growth).

Quadron is a trusted leader of automated oil extraction of cannabis and is well-positioned to capture this mega-trend of oil consumption in the cannabis industry.

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Things are looking good for Quadron


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