The SkyCloud Vaporizer Review
Very simple to useVersatile (cannabis concentrates provide the best vape)The flavor you get is awesome
Draws can become hotSkyCloud atomizers are not covered by Kandypen's lifetime warrantyVaping dry herb isn't as pleasurable as vaping other ingredients
8.6A great go to vaporizer
Vapor Production6.5
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A Little About KandyPens – Creators Of The SkyCloud



In the ever swelling world of vaporizers and portable vape pens, KandyPens continues to be one step ahead of the competition in terms of product choice, looks, features, and functionality.

The Californian-based company, (which is still in its infancy at just over two years old), has already served over 50,000 customers and some of their more famous (and rather sexy) vape pens have been featured in several hip-hop music videos.

In late 2014, there was, admittedly, a bit of a furor surrounding the company. Dissatisfied customers, horrified at the incredibly low levels of customer service that the KandyPen staff provided, took to the online forum, Reddit, to warn other vape enthusiasts about the company. One Reddit user was sent a threatening e-mail by a representative called Roger after they tried to complain about the vape pen they received and countless other forum goers commented that KandyPans appeared to delete any negative comments they found on their YouTube channel.

Have things changed?

It appears so.

KandyPens have now added a section to their FAQ page on their website regarding refunds (where the aforementioned problems seemed to arise) so as to clear up any issues there, and because vaporizer technology has improved substantially since the company first began in 2013, KandyPen’s latest models are receiving awards from prominent 420 lifestyle publications.

So now, let’s take a closer look at their SkyCloud vaporizer. It was one of the world’s first multimode vape pens when it first came out in KandyPen’s inaugural year, and, as you can read about in this post, early multimode vape pens back then weren’t the greatest of portable vaporizers.

But, given time, has the SkyCloud evolved?

Let’s see.

SkyCloud Vaporizer

Taking A Closer Look At The SkyCloud

No matter what color you choose, the SkyCloud vaporizer can’t help but look swanky. Bold, with a hint of elegance, this 3-in-1 vape pen is as pretty as it is dainty. Portability really isn’t an issue with this vaporizer, it fits easily into your pocket or purse (although it does become a tad bulkier when you change atomizers).

What makes the SkyCloud stand out (apart from its striking design), is how simple it is to interchange the different atomizers and how easy it is to use thanks to its one-button activation switch.

It’s also got a funky feature which locks the atomizer into the battery (so it won’t come apart in your pocket), and it also has an automatic shutdown system and a 5 click locking mechanism to help prevent unnecessary battery power loss and to keep the vaper as safe as possible.

The little lip on the refill chamber is also a pretty neat feature, it helps vapers to conserve the amounts of concentrates they use and therefore saving them money, (although the downside of this is no-one would win a cloud chasing competition using a SkyCloud vaporizer, which is a shame, considering its name which implies the world’s your oyster when it comes to making clouds).

So now, let’s answer some questions.

SkyCloud Vaporizer




Can a beginner use it?

Yes, it’s incredibly easy to use.

To power up the SkyCloud vaporizer all you have to do is press the power button five times in a row. When it comes to turning it off, press the power button five times in a row again.

To replace an atomizer, simply pull apart the vape pen, unclick the heating unit and replace it with your desired attachment. (Admittedly, some beginners may find this part a tad fiddly as the locking mechanisms in each atomizer are elaborate so as not to let the vape pen fall apart whilst being transported. However, once you get the knack, it’s never an issue again).

If you have any doubts, the kit comes with an easy to read instruction manual.

How easy is it to load?

All three chambers are a doddle to fill up.

For dry herbs, connect the dry herb attachment by twisting it down into the rechargeable battery and remove the cap. Grind your herb and fill the herbal chamber nearly to the top. Do not pack it tightly as air needs to circulate within the chamber which will allow for the heat to be distributed evenly. Close the top cap, press the power button, give it about five seconds and then vape away!

For cannabis concentrates, connect the concentrate chamber to the battery and twist the top cap off. Use a dabbing tool to cover the wick with your chosen concentrate. Close the cap, press the power button and start vaping instantly.

For e-Juice, connect the e-Liquid tank to the battery and remove the mouthpiece. To start with, gently drip a drop or two of e-Juice directly onto the coil and then fill it up. Leave the wick a couple of minutes to soak up the e-Liquid and then re-connect the mouthpiece. Press the power button and then vape until your heart’s content!

How easy is it to clean?

It is very easy to clean.

Using the brush supplied in the kit you can keep things spick and span (particularly when using dry herb), and when it’s time to give the atomizers and mouthpiece a good clean, all you need are a bunch of q-tips, some isopropyl alcohol and some warm running water to rinse them out under.

What kind of a vape does it provide?

On the whole, the SkyCloud provides a nice, flavorsome vape. Like Goldilocks from the fairytale, we found that this portable vaporizer was “just right”: ideal to be used every hour of every day. The perfect go to vape pen.

We thoroughly enjoyed using the concentrate atomizer and e-juice tank because the flavors that were kicked out packed quite the punch. However, we weren’t so impressed when it came to using the dry herb chamber. We found that the quality didn’t quite match up to its counterparts.

We also noticed that no matter what we vaped, we had to take slow, steady draws to get a good hit and the clouds we did manage to make wouldn’t have impressed a kettle, let alone a dragon. However, if you’re using it every day and want an element of stealth, this is a positive thing.

What’s the battery life like?

It depends on how often you vape. Yes, sorry, we know that’s a lame answer!

The initial charge will take about five hours to completely fill the battery, and every other charge will only take about two hours to complete.

A charge can last you anywhere between 40 minutes to six hours. Because we vape often, our SkyCloud didn’t seem to last long ’til it needed recharging again.

Any cons?


The heat.

We mentioned earlier that the device has an automatic shut-down feature. After 10 seconds of being on, the SkyCloud shuts down. However, this is double the amount of time of other popular vape pens, so it can still manage to make for some hot draws. Not brilliant for asthmatics. You’ve really got to give it time to cool down between sessions.

Should I buy it?

At less than $100, you can’t complain.

This pen really does it all, you can vape what you want, when you want and the locking mechanisms mean that portability really is a strong point.

Yes, whilst it manages most of its functions with aplomb, the overheating can be a bit frustrating sometimes, and if you particularly enjoy vaping herb then you might want to consider buying a vaporizer that has been designed for that purpose. (Plus, it should be noted that if you want to vape dry herbs with the SkyCloud you will need to buy a honeycomb screen. It won’t work without it, and there is none included. These are cheap, but you’ll want to make sure you have one before you start vaping).

In the end, though, despite the horror stories of what used to be bad customer service (not to mention a C.E.O with a knavish past), the SkyCloud vaporizer works. And, on the whole, unless you’re unlucky, it works well.