While this article is geared towards new vapers, it can be a helpful tool for anyone, regardless of your vaping experience. Let’s get started with some of the things to avoid or consider before taking your first puff, before building a new device, and before choosing an E-Juice.

Gunky or Dirty Coils

This is at the top of the list because when I first vaped, I did my research and was still unaware of the importance that coils / atomizers had in the vaping experience and that they needed to be replaced at a pretty regular interval.

So, if you have just purchased your first vape device and have not bought any replacement coils, go online right now and buy the appropriate coil for your device — you’ll need them if you plan on vaping for more than a few days or a couple of weeks.

Replacing your coils is inevitable in vaping, and changing them will depend on a few factors: how much you vape, the VG/PG mix of your E-Juice, and how clean and fresh of a vaping experience you want.

Certain E-Juices will gunk up and ruin coils quicker than others, especially if they are thicker or are of certain flavors. I can confirm that Hemp CBD E-Juice is thicker than your typical nicotine juice and will require a coil change every few days if you vape a lot. Even if you let it sit without use, it can gunk up the wick anyways. Just buy coils in advance and prepare to change them when you notice a taste change or a change in the color of the liquid in the tank.

Coils vary significantly between models, but this is a visual aid to help you understand the affects of juice on the coil cotton.

Coils vary significantly between models, but this is a visual aid to help you understand the effects of juice on the coil cotton.

For nicotine vapers, with light to moderate use, you may need to change your coils every 1.5 to 2 weeks. But again, this may vary. You will only be sure when you begin vaping.

Improper Filling Technique

Filling your vape tank is extremely important to the health of your vape device and the experience of your vaping. The best thing you can do when beginning to vape is to know your gear — more devices are coming out with top-fill tanks, or both bottom and top fill options (like the KangerTech SUBVOD, Triton V2, and iClear 16).


Prime your new coils!!


Some vapers who are used to bottom-filling find themselves feeling suddenly like a newbie. And if you are new at vaping, no worries, even experienced vapers find themselves in this position. There are numerous YouTube videos online that will show you exactly how to fill your specific vape pen or mod. Before you get ahead of yourself, do your research and make sure you know how to fill your tank properly.

There are reasons why you can’t simply dump it in the tank. For example, you will want to avoid putting E-Juice into the air cylinder, which carries the vapor from the atomizer to the drip tip head when you vape.


The air cylinder can be seen in the tank on the left hand side, right in the middle where you thread it to the atomizer

If you get juice in it when filling your tube, you will get some surprises when the juice is heated up and spits into your mouth. That’s no good, believe me.

Dry Hits

Dear God, whatever you do, please read this section unless you want to ruin your coil, have to replace it, and do all of this while having a lung full of old toasted socks. A dry hit is when you fire up your vaporizer and try to vape it when the cotton is not saturated completely by your E-Juice. So, essentially it’s you vaping burnt cotton. And believe me, it is something to avoid at all costs.


If you have never experienced a dry hit before, you are lucky and should take the steps below to avoid it from ever happening.

First, always make sure that your wick is saturated and your coil is primed before vaping. Drip a little juice on the coil’s cotton before reassembling your tank. Then, fill up the tank, screw everything together and let it sit for a minimum of 10 minutes. The longer, the better. This will ensure that the juice has saturated the cotton and will avoid a dry hit.

Vape Tongue

Ahh, yes, the dreaded vape tongue. This is a problem that affects vapers worldwide and occurs when you have been vaping a lot (chain-vaping) or have been vaping a particularly strong flavor. After a while of vaping a similar flavor, you may notice that you can’t taste it as well as you could before.

If you get into this position and want to get back to enjoying your favorite juice, have a different juice flavor on standby. If you are vaping a chocolate flavor, coffee flavor, nicotine only, vanilla, or other non-citrus flavor, it can help to vape on a variety of fruit flavors for a couple of days. This can help you get back to your delicious E-Juice flavor of choice in just a few days.

Read our article — for more information on Vape Tongue and how to combat it:

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Flavor Ghosting

Speaking of flavor, flavor ghosting is not a terrible experience for most vapers and is nothing to worry about if it does happen. Flavor ghosting is just a cool-sounding term for when you switch between two very different E-Juice flavors without cleaning your tank or changing your coil. When you have a flavor in your tank, it absorbs into the cotton of your coil. The flavor can also stick to your tank, depending on if you have a plastic tank or not. It is always recommended that you choose a vape device that has a glass tank, such as Pyrex, to avoid flavor ghosting after you have cleaned it.

If you are looking for a starter kit that is highly rated, recommended, and features a Pyrex glass tank, read our review on the KangerTech SUBVOD. This is a sub ohm device that works at 0.5 ohms, so be aware of that before buying.

KangerTech SUBVOD Starter Kit: Guide and Review

If you are a beginner, you are probably overwhelmed by all the information you’re absorbing and haven’t thought about the E-Juices being absorbed into the cotton of your coil. What happens when you change your E-Juice flavor?

Well, it is always recommended that you change your coil or cotton when switching to a new flavor, and to save money and hassle, most vapers vape their E-Juice until a coil change is needed, and then they switch both the coil and Juice at the same time.

If you just want to switch flavors, no worries, there is a way to do this right and avoid flavor ghosting (or the mixing of two different flavors — which some vapers actually like). First, you can clean the old juice out of your tank (unless you want to mix) and if your coils is not due up for a change and you don’t want to mix flavors, you can take out your coil and clean it under some water to get most of the E-Juice flavor out. This requires some waiting time after the fact, but is still an option.

The best thing to do is to clean out the tank of the old flavor and change out your coil for a new one. Don’t forget to prime this coil with your new E-Juice in order to avoid dry hits.

How to: Clean and Replace Your Vape Pen’s Coil/Wick

Nicotine Sickness

Nicotine sickness can be worse than any post-party hangover. If you are entering vaping in general or sub ohm vaping in particular for the first, read this. When using an older style tank, you probably have a higher level of nicotine being vaporized. This means that when you start looking for a new device, especially a sub ohm (such as the KangerTech SUBVOD or Aspire devices like the Platinum, your first experience with sub ohm vaping can drastically lower your nicotine level.

Welcome To The Ohmazing World Of Sub Ohm Vaping

Different vape devices and setups will give you different vaping experiences. So, if you change around your nicotine mg levels as well, sub ohm vaping can lower the amount of nicotine you take in as well, leading to nicotine sickness. This sudden detox can make you feel quite ill (and possibly wanting to die, if your nicotine intake was high enough), but that’s no joking matter if it has actually happened to you.


So, be sure to know your nicotine level and know your limits. When in doubt, do some research on the sub ohm device you have and how it affects your nicotine intake. The local vape shop will also be able to help you, as they have a wealth of knowledge and can make sure you don’t encounter the awful experience of nicotine sickness.

Expensive E-Juice

Beginners; don’t be fooled by websites claiming that they have E-Juices made with unicorn tears and that is the reason why their products are twice as expensive as competitors. There are only a few ingredients that should be in an E-Juice: —

Now, quality is certainly different between brands, so be sure to do your homework online before buying from a website or in-store vape shop. Skip the on-site testimonials and go to a third-party, unbiased source: the internet. Yeah, strange to call the internet that, but there are a ton of forums, review websites, and social media accounts of real users who can tell you about the quality of the product before you buy it.

Unsafe Mod Builds

I can’’ end this article without mentioning building mods and remaining safe. Regardless if you are a beginner or consider yourself an expert, you need to take special care in safety when building your own coils and creating your own mod setups.


Before attempting to build (which is never suggested to beginners), be sure to educate yourself on battery safety and Ohm’s Law. (If you are a beginner and want a cool mod, go your local vape and have them help you with the proper set up — they will be happy to build with you).

The internet is a wonderful resource, but should be used only to educate yourself — don’t simply follow another person’s setup plan, because it may be flawed. You don’t know that person and they could have messed up the voltage, the load of the device, or did not take resistance into account and that can be dangerous.

A great tool for any vaper is the SmokTech Omnitester. This device can check the resistance of any 510 threaded E-Cig or Ego-threaded atomizer. It can also check the output voltage of a 510 threaded device (including Pulse-Width Modulated devices). You can even attach an atomizer and a device at the same time to test the voltage under load. This Omnitester has a 900mAh battery and can be used on the go.

The point is — there are various aspects to take into account when building a mod — you can’t simply put part that don’t belong together in a device just because they screw together. This could be a huge mistake. There are voltage requirements, resistance, battery, and other aspects to take into account. Head over to an expert at a vape shop and play around with building a new device with them. They will have the knowledge to keep you safe and can help build you a great mod (plus, you will be making their day more exciting and they’ll appreciate that).



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