Recently, we wrote an article about vapers going underground for their e-juices after the Indiana government implemented a seemingly illegal and unfounded law regarding the manufacturing of vape juices. Well, it turns out that this law may be unconstitutional and fraught with political corruption — just as we suspected.


No Surprise: Vapers Going Underground for E-Juice After Government Regulations

Some legislative leaders are stating that they want to unwind the law implemented in 2015 which requires e-juice manufacturers to create their product at a single company who happened to be the only one who could meet the new legislative guidelines.These guidelines were created via an agreement between special interests and the legislators who passed this law — and now the FBI is investigating it.

The legal challenge is based on the fact that the law passed in 2015 was amended in 2016 and ensured that nicotine-laced e-juices consumed via vaping met “safety standards.” This was done in a way that gave a security company based in Lafayette sole discretion to decide who would be certified to produce “e-juice” in the state of Indiana. This company is called Mulhaupt’s Inc., which, based on wheeling and dealing, ended up with a monopoly in Indiana after the law was passed.

Then-Governor Mike Pence (now Vice President of the United States) was responsible for signing this into law. This allowed Mulhaupt’s Inc. to certify only six companies to produce e-liquid (and who knows how much they had to pay to make the cut) — this froze out hundreds of other businesses.

The Indiana vape law created serious problems for business owners, significantly changing the vaping industry in the area and was forcing vapers to cross state lines in order to purchase e-juice.

Lawmakers declined to comment when interviewed by the FBI and some legislative members are unhappy with their lack of cooperation. They seek to eliminate this illegal law and get rid of the regulations that are strangling the Indiana vaping industry.

As Senator Randy Head stated — “We don’t need that much regulation to ensure safety. We don’t do it for food, we don’t do it for the coffee we all had this morning […] The permitting process should be up to the government. We shouldn’t regulate that to a private business.”

Other GOP legislative members who allowed or took part in this unpopular bill passing, have been caught by the public and the federal government, who have exposed it for what it was — a chance to make money, rub shoulders, and create a monopoly they could benefit from. Now, they have backtracked, claimed they had no idea what would happen (despite being warned), and are now trying to get rid of the law.

The good thing about this is with the public’s attention, Indiana business owners’ displeasure, and the FBI investigating, it looks as if the extremely damaging and unpopular Indiana law may very well be retracted soon.

We will update our readers when and if this occurs. It is our hope that this law will be pulled soon and the vaping industry in Indiana can get rebuild their businesses and serve their customers again.

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